Friday, 26 May 2017

Exmoor Pony visits Eastleigh Care Home

Exmoor Pony, Tom, and Lydia visiting Eastleigh Care Home in South Molton this week.

Our ponies have been popular visitors at Eastleigh Care Homes across the area for many years.

Did someone say Exmoor Ponies can be difficult?!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Another Target Reached!

It's just unbelievable. Thanks to a £5,000 donation, we have now passed our £30k stretch target It's just unbelievable. Thanks to a £5,000 donation we have now passed our £30k stretch target!

Since we launched, an incredible 800 plus people have supported us by donating to our appeal!

Who would have thought there would be that many Exmoor Pony lovers across the world? Donations have come in from across Europe, the USA and Australia making this a truly international achievement.

Thank you so much - all of you.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Pony Centre YouTube Video

We have had several requests for a direct link to the YouTube video that accompanies our Crowdfunder appeal.

Crowdfunder Total Just keeps Rising

We are all still stunned by the response from hundreds of people from all over the country and abroad to our Crowdfunder Appeal.

We have now passed £26,000 and the total is still rising. Absolutely amazing!

There are still 22 days left to try and reach our £30k target, so please keep passing the word and sharing on facebook and twitter.

Thank you!

Dylan and Friends enjoying a peaceful day at the Pony Centre