Sunday, 1 March 2015

Exmoor Ponies travel to Czech Republic.

A very exciting project that the charity has undertaken over the last few months, is the setting up of a breeding herd of Exmoor ponies in the Czech Republic.

Full credit must go to our Trustee, Juliet Rogers who put in a great deal of work initially promoting ponies as the best conservation grazing animal. Once the ponies had been chosen, Juliet and her helpful team organised all fourteen mares and their owners who needed to comply to veterinary and legal requirements before the ponies were allowed to travel. 

The weekend before their overseas trip seven ponies grouped in Northumberland with Juliet and seven ponies grouped here at the pony Centre. They left these two locations and met up at the holding area near the docks to have a final inspection before being loaded onto the lorry and heading off to Frankfurt via the ferry. 

Exmoor Ponies Arriving in the Czech Republic
The ponies arrived to their new home; a huge enclosure just 20 miles from Prague. All ponies had travelled well and arrived in excellent condition. They also arrived to a media frenzy and made the national news in the Czech Republic. Back here in the UK, their previous owners breathed a sigh of relief that all ponies were safe and happy.

The promotion of this great project then began. The Trust and Centre have been filmed for both ITV and BBC news as well as having a great deal of publicity in local and regional papers and radio. We are thrilled with this outcome and so pleased that Exmoor ponies are being recognised internationally for their hardy and enduring qualities. 

We would like to thank the volunteers, vets and other accomplices who helped get this project underway. Without them it just wouldn’t have been possible.

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