Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lunches in the Green Room with Foxes

From Wednesday 7th May, staff and students from Foxes Academy will again be providing refreshments in the Green Room on Wednesdays each week until the end of term in July; they will be there from 11:00 until 3:00 so drop in and enjoy a good lunch or afternoon tea.

April Newsletter

Spring is here and the ridden ponies have been enjoying some lovely sunny days before the work started in earnest around the Easter holidays. Before this they have all had visits from the farrier to check their feet and fit shoes if necessary and from the dentist as their teeth need attention just like ours. They enjoy their work too, whether it is trekking out on the moor with experienced riders or teaching new riders what it is all about in a Taster session. Anyone who would like to take part in one of these activities needs to book in advance please by calling 01398 323093.
Meanwhile some of the youngsters that we have been working with over the winter months have had a visit from the veterinary students from Langford Veterinary Services of Bristol University; a learning experience for all and now our colts are geldings and will go on to have a great future, either in conservation grazing or as useful ridden or driven ponies or even simply as companions.
Rover, a pony who needed a lot of special care in 2012/13 as he was very weak, was found to have a heart abnormality when his turn came so he had a special trip up to Bristol to be checked out and have his operation. He was a perfect patient and allowed students to check his heart by ultrasound, showing he has a 1 cm hole which is not currently causing him any problems but may do in later life.
Staff and volunteers welcomed local accommodation providers at the end of March to see the work that we do and hopefully be able to send lots of visitors to the Centre. If you missed the opportunity then please come and meet us any day except Saturday between 10 and 4 and let us know that you are also in the accommodation business.
Davey Crocket, now a five year old, has returned from his time in the north to start the backing process at the Centre but while we are busy with Easter visitors, he has joined Bentley and Austin grazing at Exford.
Remember that the Golden Horseshoe Pleasure Ride is on Sunday 11th May; if you would like to sponsor one of our Exmoor ponies to take part, your support would be most appreciated.