Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Only 3 Days left at Waitrose Wellington

Just a reminder that we are charity of the month at Waitrose in Wellington and there are just 3 days left.

So if you are shopping there, please consider giving your vote to the ponies and drop your token in the Moorland Mousie Trust box.

A great big thank you from all of us at the Centre - two-legged and four.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Boys at Play

With a brisk north-westerly blowing in from the sea, Pascoe and Freddy
had the wind under their tails and decided to play at being stallions.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Do You Shop in Wellington Waitrose?

The Wellington Branch of Waitrose has chosen The Moorland Mousie Trust to be one of their 'green token charity schemes' during the month of May.

When you shop there you will be given a green token to put into one of three charity boxes.

If you or any of your friends shop there, we would be really grateful for your support by putting your token in our box.

A big thank you from the ponies and all of us at The Centre.

New Faces

The Centre is delighted to welcome two new members of staff starting in May.

Kestra joins us as our new Riding and Centre Assistant on a full-time basis, while Beccy comes to us on a traineeship from Pluss for three days per week.

We are sure that in no time at all they will get to know all the ponies as individuals and will be confidently sharing their knowledge and experience with visitors.

Full profiles and photos will appear shortly, we hope, once they have settled in. 

Also during May we will be re-organising the offices at the Centre to improve use of our limited space and provide a dedicated area for our volunteers.

During this re-organisation (between 20th and 24th May) we will not be offering any riding, but visitors will still be able to come and meet the ponies.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Signs for the Centre

We are ordering new signs at the Centre from a company called Signomatic.

If you are looking for office signs, door signs etc visit www.signomatic.co.uk where you can design them yourself. Very easy to use and good quality.

And if you mention them in your blog you can get £15 worth of free signs.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Golden Horseshoe Ride

The third day of the Golden Horseshoe Ride was anything
but golden. In fact, it was dull, grey, bitterly cold

and very wet!
both outside

And inside - This was the carpet under our stand!


But we volunteers are hardy folk and despite the weather
we determined to enjoy ourselves. So we jolly well did. Honest!