Friday, 22 June 2012

Film Stars!

We have just been visited by a film crew from Germany.

The crew were on Exmoor to make a film about the tourist activities in the area; what to see and where to go. It will be shown as part of a series on steam railways, though whether we shall be able to see it over here, we don't yet know.

Val took them out to film the ponies on the Moor and then did a piece to camera back at the Centre.

Ponies, Bertie, Robbie and Fleeter were stars for the day. They behaved themselves beautifully and weren't at all bothered by the crew or their equipment.


  1. The ponies look exceptionally well behaved. Just popped over from Hay Net where you've been made blog of the day, congrats.

  2. Hi. Thanks for popping over. Yes, the ponies seemed to enjoy being the centre of attention!