Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Conservation Grazing at Leasowes Park, Dudley

Three ponies arrived at Leasowes Park in Dudley on May 14th 2012. They traveled well and as soon as they were unloaded from the trailer began happily munching the grass.

Leasowes Park is a nature site run by Dudley Council where the ponies will graze alongside cattle and help to maintain the vegetation. They will enjoy the diverse range of grasses and plants and it is hoped they will break through the scrub areas and eat back the brambles. They certainly won't be bothered by the thorns as, on Exmoor, they happily eat gorse.

They are all geldings and lovely boys. Asprey and Ralph are two years old and Dixon is a yearling.

Ralph has a gurgle in his throat which the vets are  not worried about - but it does make him sound as if he is snoring!

These Exmoor ponies are very special and we hope you will enjoy seeing them, but please ensure that anyone going to visit them does not approach or feed them. They are onsite to graze and must not become friendly with the public. This is very important. Please also ensure that gates are closed. Thank you.