Thursday, 29 September 2011

Roundup Time at the Centre?

Well that was the plan.
The ponies, however, had other ideas.

If at first

you don't succeed

Give up and try again another day!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Horse of the Year Show

Cadbury & Linzi

Cadbury is now 5 years old and will be at this year's Horse of the Year Show for the third year running.

He will be in the interactive area with staff and volunteers between 4th and 9th October, so if you are planning a visit up there, please go along and say hello.
Cadbury is a classic example of what The Moorland Mousie Trust aims to achieve.

He came to us as a weaned foal, number 55, from Herd 4 from the Dunkery/Porlock area of Exmoor, and spent his first three years eating his way through Northumberland on one of our grazing schemes. Here, he was lightly backed before travelling to his first Horse of the Year Show in 2009.

Since then he has lived with Linzi in North Devon, in company with other Exmoors. His beautiful behaviour and kind nature has earned him many adoring fans. At 12.3hh, he is well up to height and is a lovely chunky comfortable ride. He is also well-known for his habit of sitting on his bottom like a teddy bear!

This will be his last Horse of theYear Show and later this year he will be returning to his home ground on Exmoor to take up residence in a permanent foster home. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

A Tale of 5 Abandoned Ponies

Earlier this year, in March, we received a telephone call from a lady in Combe Martin telling us she had found five young Exmoor ponies in one of her fields. She had found a ramp mark in the gateway and realised they must have been abandoned there over night.

She called various welfare organisations but no-one was willing to take them, so they were collected by the RSPCA and brought to us at the Centre.

Just when we thought we'd got through this season's intake we now had five more to take care of, all needing worming, de-lousing and handling before being castrated so that they could be re-homed. Our resources were stretched as never before.

They were a motley bunch as you can see from these photos taken when they first arrived.


We have called the four colts Jigsaw, Bruce (Oldfield), Lacoste and Bennetton, and the young filly is Vivienne (Westwood).  All designers - which, of course, you've already guessed!

They have all settled happily. Bruce and Jigsaw have been gelded and the youngsters,  Lacoste and Bennetton, will be meeting the vets in the new year.


After a few months TLC, they are all looking fit and healthy, and are almost ready to go to foster homes or grazing schemes.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tom Goes Back to School

Something has been bothering Tom, one of our riding ponies, and we're not sure what it is. Is it his back? Or his mouth? Or something else entirely?

He's just had a lovely bit of gentle back treatment and is feeling all relaxed - so the plan is to go back to the beginning and, by process of elimination, see if we can find out what's bugging him.
Today he started with a head collar and a bit of long-reining and, as you can see,  he behaved impeccably. No problem there.

Next we'll try him with a bridle, then a saddle. If none of that bothers him, Linzi will be up in the saddle and hopefully, by then, we will know what the trouble is.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Getting Involved

If you would like to know more about the work of The Moorland Mousie Trust and the Exmoor Pony Centre, there are many ways in which you can join in, enjoy yourself, and help the ponies at the same time.

Visitors, whether members or not, are always welcome; as are any offers of help should you feel like it. We are always grateful for help with everything from working with the ponies, to admin or gardening.

If you feel like joining us, membership of the Trust costs only £3 per month and enables you to keep in touch with developments.

There are many ways you can contribute to our work and the welfare and conservation of the ponies and you will find details under the new "Please Support Us" tab.

Our grateful thanks to all who have already done so.