Friday, 14 April 2017

Exmoor Pony Centre faced with closure

We had some really bad news at the Pony Centre this week.

After a long period of rising costs and decreasing income, it was finally agreed that unless we can find a substantial sum of money pretty quickly, the Exmoor Pony Centre will have to close at the end of August.

In a last-ditch attempt to prevent this, we are about run our biggest fund-raising campaign ever. 

On 21 April we will launch an appeal on Crowdfunder to raise £20,000.

If we can meet this target it will give us the breathing space we need to save the Centre.

This doesn't mean the end of the Moorland Mousie Trust but it does mean we will no longer be able to open to the public. There will be no more open days. No more riding for the children and no more treks across the moor. All of which will be a huge loss to all our wonderful visitors and will also impact on our ability to raise funds from activities and events.

We are offering some great rewards on Crowdfunder including a VIP day at the Centre with a guided tour, hands on experience with the ponies, an opportunity to ride, and lunch and tea. One of our volunteers has also offered to sponsor one night at a local B&B for anyone too far away to come for just the day. 

So, please do log in to Crowdfunder after 21 April, look for 'Save the Exmoor Pony Centre', watch the video, browse the rewards and perhaps make a donation.

A huge thank you from all of us - staff, volunteers and, of course, the ponies.


  1. Gail, I've posted this on the North Berwick Pony Facebook page and donated last night and I wonder if you could perhaps put an article together with a nice photo and send to the local newspapers and it might just draw some attention to the Centre and encourage people to help. Best wishes, Sylvia

    1. Hi Sylvia. Thanks for posting on fb. A press release has been prepared with photo and will be sent out shortly to all media.
      I'll email you more info.