Friday, 7 October 2016

October at the Pony Centre

More of our ponies have found happy lives away from the centre; some on conservation grazing sites and others at foster homes. One of our very special little characters Monty, aka Jenny’s Prince from herd 23 on Withypool, has gone to a home near Bridgwater keeping company with some Shetland ponies. For once he is the biggest pony in the paddock! He was always a super star and right until the moment he drove off down the lane he impressed us by loading beautifully into a large horse lorry with no hesitations at the size of it and the ramp he had to climb!

Four of the ten yearlings we took in over the winter have already been gelded so we were able to offer them space with a group of ponies travelling north to live right at the top of England near Rothbury in Northumberland. We would like to thank Alan Walters Horse Transport for a superb professional job of getting them safely to the other end of the country. The entire group of nine ponies have all settled well at their new home.

Sometimes we are called on to help where people are unable to keep their ponies.  This was the case when Leicestershire Wildlife Trust was unable to keep their herd due to difficulties in managing their vegetation supply. We collected their five ponies and sent them north to Juliet Rogers at our northern base where they have been re-homed at a wonderful conservation site.

In early May we sent three ponies, Igor, Ivan and Titch, to graze with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust at a lovely site called Wigpool.

We have also been receiving fabulous updates about our foster ponies around the country, who are undertaking all sorts of jobs some taking part in pony club activities, others doing agility and proving what a wonderful versatile breed the Exmoor pony is.


  1. Monty is beautiful. He sounds like a lovely character. I hope he enjoys his new home at Bridgwater.

    1. He is, Teresa. I had the pleasure of working with him when he came off the moor aged about 6 months as an un-handled foal. Wonderful little chap.