Friday, 29 April 2016

Children's Pony Competition

Open to children up to the age of 16

Are you doing the Moorland Mousie Pony Competition?
Looking for Freddy's birthplace?
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  1. Ponies are sooooo excited about being part of the MMT Competition 2016! Come on children - lets get involved! Find out about butterflies - even manure! Lots of pony things too! you don't need to live near Traprain to take part - we're all one big family really and our wonderful ponies are showing us that! Download your free copy - and who knows.... you could be one of the Prize winners too!! Liz & The 13 Wonderful Pony Kings of Traprain (their cousins are only a few miles away at North Berwick....)

  2. Extra thought from Liz at Traprain - if you take part in the Competition and have a query about it you can e.mail me - contact is in the Competition download. BUT you could also post your query on the MMT Blog here! If you do we will be sure to reply to you! Have a great day - Liz at Traprain