Monday, 29 June 2015

Sponsor - Get rid of Ragwort on Traprain

Removing poisonous ragwort from pony grazing site

Thirteen Exmoor Ponies currently live on Traprain Law as part of a conservation grazing scheme.

They eat the coarse grass and vegetation which allows all kinds of upland plants, birds, animals and insects to recover and thrive. They do an important and amazing job, happily living out in all weathers even through the harsh Scottish winters.

However, another plant that thrives up here is the dreaded Ragwort, all parts of which are poisonous to horses and ponies. 

Exmoor ponies seem to know instinctively not to eat it, but the risk is not worth taking and so the ragwort has to be removed.

Volunteer, Liz, has undertaken to clear Traprain of Ragwort. A mammoth task! 
Can you sponsor her?

All proceeds to the Moorland Mousie Trust
and Exmoor Pony Centre
Thank you for your help!

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