Thursday, 21 May 2015

Work With Youngstock

Four H67 Farleywater boys

In our last update we told of the 12 yearlings that were in our care. These ponies came from herds H67 Farleywater, H8 Knightoncombe, herd 4 Wilmersham, herd 12 Hawkwell and herd 100 Porlock. 
These have very recently been joined by three colts from herd 44 who graze on Litton moor. Herd 44 have recently discovered records that show their herd history goes back at least 150 years. So these three little chaps have a lot to live up to. One of them was only born on 5thNovember last year so is still quite young. 

Some of these ponies are still able to be purchased from their breeders and it is hoped that the charity is only a temporary training home before these ponies find buyers and new homes for life. If you know anyone interested in the fun and rewarding experience of taking on a youngster please let them know about us. All the youngstock are fully registered, quality Exmoor ponies. 

The spring time is the season when we aim to geld our colt yearlings and six have already been operated on with a further six soon to be done overthe coming weeks. This is an important part of our work. Not all male ponies are destined to be stallions and neutering them gives them the best opportunity to be used as domestic ponies or as grazing ponies. The veterinary fees for this year will cost the charity in excess of £2000  and we are very grateful for the help and assistance of our various vets both in Exmoor and Northumberland as without them this cost would be much greater.  

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  1. Great photo of the H67 boys - and great work by MMT!