Thursday, 19 February 2015

Older Ponies


During the winter months we have been keeping a close eye on some of our older residents. Kate, as many people will know, has been here at the Centre since we opened nearly 9 years ago. She is now 22 and although still keen to go out for a canter on the moor we feel that to keep her fit and healthy she requires a slightly more comfortable way of life. A comfy stable with veteran feed and plenty of hay each night does just the trick. She is looking fabulous and we are so pleased that with the extra attention from the dentist she is also keeping weight on through the winter better than ever, something the rest of the ridden ponies do not need to worry about!

Percy is another pony that we have kept a strictly close eye on over the last few months. After a bout of laminitis at a foster home in early spring he returned to the centre and seemed to lose condition going in to the winter months. After a check up from the vet and a comfy stable next to Kate each night, he too is now the picture of health.

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