Friday, 27 February 2015

Conservation Grazing at Arlington

Monty (left) and INXS (right) grazing with a friend at Arlington

Two year olds... but no temper tantrums!!

Many people often ask what has happened to last year’s youngstock? Well seven of the  ponies found a grazing placement at Arlington Court in North Devon

Kestra and Linzi went to see them in January to undertake a health check. All of these now gelded rising year olds were in fine health and enjoyed a little more human contact than their now normal daily visits by National Trust rangers, volunteers and dog walkers! 

Particularly Monty and INXS (two Herd 23 boys from the Milton’s herds of Withypool and
Anstey Common) who were keen to show us how much they had grown up. Monty being determined that he was able to administer the wormers to the rest of the gang and also put their head collars on for us… quite the cheeky chap!

Monty with Linzi

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