Wednesday, 24 September 2014

September on Traprain

Traprain Ponies
Sunshine & Snooze Time 
on the North Summit
Full of energy, Bob the youngest pony (foreground) grazes while his older friends rest in the sun

 Midnight (centre) and his friends think the summit is the perfect place to have a snooze on a lovely sunny day

Bob (foreground) and Dandelion

Bob loves Blackberries

So does Midnight

Midnight's friend, Rowan. In the distance, immediately behind Rowan, is North Berwick Law and to the far right is the Bass Rock, renowned for its bird life

Most of the herd with Dandelion in front

As evening approaches Midnight, Elmer, Bob & Thistle say goodnight from the 13 pony Kings of Traprain

Thanks to Liz Mercer for this update on the progress of the Traprain Ponies

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