Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Pony's Prayer of Gratitude

A Pony's Prayer of Gratitude

(Photo above : Youngest Traprain Pony Bob)
Oh Mother Earth of Traprain our herd it thanks you
As we sense the Pony Energy of our ancestors within you
Each day we wake to give Gratitude and Joy
As our herd it plays in the early morn
Our silhouettes dancing to Traprain's form
Thank you MMT, Traprain and all humans who work to create a better world for our Kind
Bob says: “Our herd has plenty of time to contemplate each day on the beauty of
Traprain with its wild flowers, lichens and amazing views. We are proud of our
conservation work here – but also very grateful for such a wonderful life made possible
by the dedication of local volunteers and MMT who blend into the background so well
of our daily life – thank you.
Bob says : “This is Elmer, one of my best buddies, enjoying some lovely gorse”
“This is my step-dad Midnight who took me under his wing with his pal Thistle when
I first arrived at Traprain. Thistle and Midnight primarily taught me everything I know.
Nowadays I'm pals with all the herd and have loads of fun with them all”.
Midnight and Elmer in the foreground with some of the herd in the background
enjoying a lunch-time of gorse.
Here's a few of my pals taking an early afternoon snooze recently on the summit.
This is my friend Rowan – photo taken last year – but I wanted it included now cos he's not only very handsome but also one of the oldest, wisest ponies here – and my friend Midnight has loads of respect for him!
This is me in the foreground with all my pals. The photo was taken in a hazy evening recently.
We all hope you have enjoyed our latest photos as much as we have enjoyed posing for them!
The 13 Pony Kings of Traprain

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  1. Bob and his mates at Traprain give everyone at the Centre a Big Thank You for posting their photos - they sure love posing for them! They say they speak for all MMT conservation ponies and Centre ponies in saying Happy Nays & Brays to you all! Liz at Traprain