Friday, 17 January 2014

A Pony Called Excess

Yes, this is an Exmoor Pony foal, but he is clearly going to be a big boy!
He is already wearing a pony size head-collar as the foal size ones are too small for his head.

He is also very tall. When he arrived at the Centre, someone commented that he has 'an excess of leg'.  The name has stuck and he is now Excess, or Excie for short.

 He is only just starting his handling training but he is very affectionate and loves being close to Linzi while she works with him.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Excie looks absolutely adorable and affectionate. One of the ponies on Traprain (Spike) is pretty tall - but he reckons its real handy cos he can see further than the others ha! So look out other ponies cos Excie will see everything before the rest of us al! Liz at Traprain