Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bluebell and Periwinkle come to be backed

Bluebell and Periwinkle, two four year old ponies, have come back to the Centre from their foster homes to continue their training.

They are now being backed to prepare them to be riding ponies and they are both being very relaxed about it all.

Periwinkle, the only pony to have been born at the Exmoor Pony Centre, took to walking around wearing a saddle without giving it a second thought.

 Periwinkle with Linzi on - and in - the saddle, 
and Kestra at her  head.


  1. Periwinkle - beautiful name and evidently a beautiful personality..... its easy for us in Scotland to lose sight of the massive scope of the MMT work - seeing this wonderful photo of Periwinkle "in action" brings that wider vision and work of MMT into focus. Peiwinkle looks so patient and calm in this photo - wonderful....! Liz - Traprain

    1. This was the year all the foals were named for flowers.
      Amongst others we've had detectives and cars and even cowboys and indians. Wonder what it will be this year.