Friday, 12 April 2013

Changes at the Pony Centre

Some sad news to report today, I'm afraid. We have to say farewell to Val Sherwin who founded the Moorland Mousie Trust and the Exmoor Pony Centre, and who has done so much to ensure its success over the past few years.

The Trustees decided to make the post of Chief Executive Officer redundant from the beginning of March due to the ongoing economic climate and the previous year’s reduced revenues. This cost-cutting exercise was deemed essential but it does mean the Trust can, hopefully, now go forward in a more robust and economically viable way.

The Trustees want to reassure all supporters that the Centre is continuing to operate as normal and they intend that it will do so for the foreseeable future.

This means that, for a while at least, Val will not be at the Centre, though of course she is the Founder of the Trust and may return in the future in a different role. The work she has put in to establish the charity and set up the Pony Centre over a number of years is immeasurable and for this we are all extremely grateful. It is her enthusiasm and determination to give the ponies useful lives that has enabled the Trust to achieve all that it has and to offer a brighter, more secure, future for many young Exmoor ponies.


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  1. Just a little Thank You to Val Sherwin for her amazing Inspiration of founding MMT and the Centre - and without whose inspiration people like myself would not today have the opportunity to come to know the most wonderful of creatures - our Exmoor Pony friends. THANKS VAL.

    Liz and her 13 hoofed friends on Traprain Law, Scotland