Friday, 26 April 2013

A Not So Harrowing Experience After All

Freddy and Pascoe's field was due to be harrowed and this would be their first experience of a tractor, let alone one dragging a clanking harrow behind it.

But the field is a big one and there was plenty of room for them to get away from it if they wanted to so we decided to leave them and see how they reacted. Would they freak out? Would Freddy try to jump the hedge as he had when he first arrived?

We needn't have worried. Two cooler, more laid-back ponies would be difficult to imagine.

 The minute the tractor came into the field, they raced over to investigate

Clearly nothing to worry about

Might as well carry on with breakfast.

 Life can sometimes be very exhausting


  1. Awwww so wonderful to see Freddy and Pascoe just totally chilled out and relaxed! Take care

    1. Hi Kitty. Good to see you.

  2. Great to see them so chilled out by the experience. Someone was hang-gliding on Traprain the other week and it did momentarily scare the ponies. They all ran then herded together all looking in the direction the hang-gliding had been and with their ears pointed forward. One thing is for sure, Exmoors are no cowards! They "faced their foe"....! Liz & her 13 hoofed friends of Traprain Law, Scotland