Saturday, 16 March 2013

Flying Freddy!

Freddy and his pal, Pascoe, finally arrived yesterday. Little did we know what the day had in store for us! Or that Freddy clearly has ambitions to become the next Red Rum

Their journey from the Pony Centre with Linzi was uneventful and they stepped calmly out of the trailer, Pascoe in the lead,

stood for a moment getting their bearings

and trotted off to inspect their new home

All was peace and quiet. Until they met their new field mates, that is.

Ryan and Lola thundered down the field towards them looking for all the world like a couple of knightless chargers from the Middle Ages.
Uh-oh, thought Freddy. I don't like the look of this. I'm off.

And 'off' he was; in one bound, straight over the hedge and into the lane.

Luckily the lane is narrow and a van coming one way and a car going the other gradually and gently boxed him in. Clearly deciding that getting up close and personal with these vehicles was not a good idea, Freddy promptly jumped back over the hedge into the field.

Pity we didn't get a photo!

Eventually they seemed to settle down and we went to grab a sandwich only to find, when we went back out again half an hour later, Freddy had taken exception to Ryan biting his bottom, and repeated his performance!
There was only one thing for it. We decided to put Freddy and Pascoe on their own in the next field where the hedges are higher and, hopefully, Freddy proof!

So far, so good. Time for some serious grazing to re-place all that energy!



  1. Oh my goodness, you must have had your heart in your mouth when he disappeared over the hedge! So glad all turned out well and they look very happy grazing in their new field :-) x

    1. I certainly did, Teresa. Thank goodness their current field seems to be Freddy proof!

  2. Have to admit it - if I had been Freddy seeing the Knightless Charges of the Middle Ages I think I might have done a run and a jump as well ha! Brilliant! I'm not sharing this one with our 13 friends on Traprain though - could give them ideas...! Thanks so much for sharing the brilliant pics - wonderful to see Freddy and Pascoe together - and perhaps in time they will begin to accept their Middle Ages friends once out of their armoury....!

    Liz & her 13 hoofed friends on Traprain, Scotland

    1. Yes, it must have been pretty scary for them, Liz, but all seems to have settled down now they have the gate between them.