Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Traprain under Snow

Like everywhere else, it has been snowing hard up on Traprain in Scotland but the Exmoor ponies take it all in their stride.

These pictures have been sent in by Liz, a volunteer, who spends much of her time up there with the ponies, keeping an eye on them and making sure that all is well.

I hope Liz will be a regular contributor to the blog, so look out for more of her lovely photos in due course.


  1. Hi Gail
    Thanks for following my blog - sad to see the closure of your writing blog (good luck with that OU Course - sounds v demanding!!) Pleased, though, to have discovered your Pony blog - hope you don't mind a Welsh Cob owner dropping by :-) I love all horses, from Shires, which I've had, in the past, to mountain and moorland ponies - in fact, my first pony was straight out of the New Forest, as a foal. I've never had an Exmoor (would like to, though, one day, and I appreciate the work done to keep the breed pure - something which has not happened on the Welsh mountains, where the craze for coloured ponies, and the introduction of any old coloured stallion,has had an ongoing effect, as did the craze for Arab crosses, many years ago ...)

    I have adopted companion ponies, over the years, from Lluest Horse and Pony Trust, which rescues mainly welsh ponies from abandonment / neglect etc., here in South Wales. Like your Charity, Lluest are feeling the pinch of recession - and the double whammy of more ponies being abandoned by cash-strapped owners, and less money coming into the Charity, with which to offer sanctuary.

    Good luck with Freddy and all your endeavours - and delighted, as I say, to have found your blog!

    All best

    1. Hi Karla
      Lovely to see you here and of course I don't mind a Welsh Cob dropping in. The more the merrier! Your Lluest Trust sounds really interesting. It's so good that there are people willing to rescue these unwanted ponies. I just hope we can continue to do so.
      I look forward to following you on your blog. :o)

  2. Hi folks, Traprain ponies asked me to give you all a big Bray of Thanks for putting their photos on. Snow all gone now and ponies in fine Spirits. 2 played to the camera yesterday (Sunday) occasionally stopping to ensure I was still watching them. Afterwards they came over and stood in front of me saying "didn't we do well for your camera today Liz" - they sure did - trouble is the zoom on my camera put the photos out of focus brayyy!

    I'm learning heaps of good things from your Blog page Gail - thanks for creating it and its lovely to be able to share with others through it.

    I think somehow the ponies themselves are determined to see the Centre and Trust flourish well this year and will probably open Doors of Growth that us humans can't even begin to think of..... Nature has its own unique methods it utilises sometimes doesn't it - it knows how to turn the drama of negative weather into a positive at times.....

    Traprain ponies send their love to Freddy and all at the Centre and Trust.

    Liz & her 13 wonderful 4 legged hoofed friends

    1. Glad your ponies liked their pics, Liz!
      Freddy says hello!