Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Foals

Early in November we started to receive some of this year’s foals, born on the moor, coming to us for a new start in life.

We handle them using Intelligent Horsemanship techniques to socialise them and gain their trust before finding suitable foster homes for them where they can grow on and continue the learning process.

So far, we have fewer foals than in previous years due mainly to the fact that farmers have been unable to get on to the Moor to gather the herds because of the atrocious weather conditions.

The ones we have are settling down nicely and on December 1st we will be holding a Foals Day from 12 till 3 pm when the Centre will be open to the public and Linzi will be talking about the life of the foals, our handling methods and what the future holds for these beautiful rare-breed ponies.

And, of course, the foals will be there too.

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