Monday, 13 February 2012

Foals Urgently Need Temporary Homes

More foals have turned up over the last few weeks and are undergoing their training to fit them for a life away from the moor.

Unfortunately there are still more being bred on the moor than can be found homes for and up to now, they have been fortunate to be given a future through the Trust.
The Exmoor pony is still a rare breed and it’s such a pity that it does not have a higher profile. However, the Trust has very limited facilities, and it is possible that important decisions will have to be made in the future in order to make sure that youngsters are not bred purely to be sold off to the meat trade.

Meanwhile the Exmoor Pony Centre continues to do its best for all the foals that come our way and we are currently trying to find foster homes or suitable grazing sites for the 18 that remain.

Do you have a horse or pony that would like a companion? Or do you perhaps have some land that needs grazing – Exmoor ponies are notorious for eating down the most difficult areas. 

If you can help,please call us on 01398 323093
to talk it through with Linzi,our pony co-ordinator.


  1. Oh these poor babies! I wish you and your trust all the best with these gorgeous ponies. Meat trade? :-( I hope these foals find good homes.

    Take care

  2. Thanks Kitty. It's a struggle every year to find enough homes for these youngsters and it gets more difficult every year.