Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Conservation Grazing on the Quantocks

Meet Conker, Connor, Tiddles, Jim Bowie, Blackfoot and Cody.

Many of our ponies are used for conservation grazing. For several years these ponies have been living on Lydeard Hill, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Quantocks, doing a fabulous job keeping the scrub down. They trample the bracken and gorse which is threatening to over-run the moor, and they eat the rough vegetation including gorse and heather shoots.

Tiddles has a damaged eye and only limited vision but, despite that, he is happy and healthy and, along with Conker, the oldest, is probably the most friendly of this bunch.

Both Tiddles and Connor spent some time with a local fosterer who still keeps an eye on them all.

Jim, Blackfoot and Cody all arrived at the pony Pony Centre in 2009 and are from the year when all the ponies were named with a cowboys and Indians theme. Jim and Blackfoot are well handled and we thought they would set a good example for Cody who was much more nervous.

They all enjoy watching the many public users of Lydeard Hill, especially those walking their dogs or taking in the beautiful views. They are not afraid of people but it is important they are not approached and vital they are not fed treats.

We hope that Exmoor ponies will remain on this site. Not only is it good for environmental reasons but it also helps to ensure the well-being of our ponies by providing an area for them to graze where they are safe and secure.

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