Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pony Stew for Lunch?

Not so long ago, that could have been the fate of this little fellow and others like him.

This is the time of the annual roundup, or 'gathering', when the free-living Exmoor ponies are taken off the moor to be checked, and the young foals branded.

Healthy mares and filly foals are generally returned to the moor but a herd can only have one stallion.

So what happens to all the colt foals?

Once, they were likely to end up on a dinner plate or as dog food.

Now, many of them find a safe refuge with The Moorland Mousie Trust where they are gelded and gently handled until they can lead useful lives as riding ponies or as part of a conservation grazing scheme.

This year, as the economic situation tightens and homes are more difficult to find, we expect our resources to be strained to the limit with more foals than ever before coming to the centre.

So our grateful thanks as always to you, our loyal supporters. It is your generous contributions that enable us to continue our work and provide a safe and fulfilling future for these beautiful ponies.


  1. I am so glad these beautiful colts find refuge and a safe haven with your wonderful organization! Take care