Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tom Goes Back to School

Something has been bothering Tom, one of our riding ponies, and we're not sure what it is. Is it his back? Or his mouth? Or something else entirely?

He's just had a lovely bit of gentle back treatment and is feeling all relaxed - so the plan is to go back to the beginning and, by process of elimination, see if we can find out what's bugging him.
Today he started with a head collar and a bit of long-reining and, as you can see,  he behaved impeccably. No problem there.

Next we'll try him with a bridle, then a saddle. If none of that bothers him, Linzi will be up in the saddle and hopefully, by then, we will know what the trouble is.


  1. Tom looks so handsome and gorgeous. I hope you find what's wrong with him! Good luck! take care

  2. Hello Old Kitty. Good to see you here.
    We will post updates on Tom's progress.