Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rama - One Pony's Story

Like Moorland Mousie, Rama was born on Withypool Common in the heart of Exmoor and spent the summer as a free-living pony within his herd.

In autumn, he was rounded up with the rest of the herd and taken to the farmstead across the River Barle where he was separated from his mother, inspected to make sure he was a pure-bred Exmoor, then branded with a star and 23 on his shoulder and his number, 282, on his rump. So his new life began.

Like many Exmoor colts, Rama was not sold and faced an uncertain future. A herd needs only one or two stallions and unsold colts were often destined for the meat market. Now, the Moorland Mousie Trust offers to take all surplus stock and prepare them for a useful life in domestication.

Rama was placed on one of The Trust's fostering schemes in Sheffield where he was handled using Intelligent Horsemanship methods and learned to trust humans. He then spent three happy years on conservation grazing schemes in Northumberland, getting used to being loaded as he was moved between sites, but otherwise receving minimal handling.

When he was four he was backed, an easy job thanks to his gentle handling as a foal, and became a happy and safe riding pony. A year later, he returned to The Exmoor Pony Centre where he is now a great hit with both visitors and staff.

Rama is a loving, trusting pony, suitable for children and adults alike, and is now available for adoption.

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