Saturday, 25 June 2011

Why 'Moorland Mousie'?

'Moorland Mousie' is the title of one the earliest fiction books about ponies written for children. Published in 1929, it was written by Golden Gorse (the pseudonym of Muriel Wace) and illustrated by Lionel Edwards.

Muriel Wace was born in 1881, one of five pony-mad sisters. In 1911, she married and moved to Somerset where she became involved with the Exmoor ponies that inspired her to write her book.

Mousie is a spirited young Exmoor pony who, after running away with his rider, is sold. In Black Beauty fashion, the story follows his adventures as his life goes from bad to worse until, finally, he is rescued and finds happiness again.

An apt name, therefore, for a Trust that was set up to rescue young foals and give them a better life.

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